My academic interest is in the applied plant pathology and plant disease epidemiology. Using various statistical and analytical tools, behaviors of a pathogen in the field can be characterized, and the information can be used for the development of biologically, environmentally, and economically sound disease management tools.  At Virginia Tech, I engage in a range of research and extension activities, including exploration of cultural and chemical means of disease management, fungicide and fungicide-alternative testing, variety susceptibility evaluation, and development of novel diagnostic tools.

Current research includes:

  1. Study of infection process of ripe rot of grape caused by Colletotrichum species complexes
  2. Investigations on a biological-control agent Rhizobium vitis ARK-1 against crown gall of grape
  3. Development of web-based disease risk assessment tools for grape and apple diseases in Virginia
  4. Investigations on trunk diseases management
  5. Epidemiological studies of grapevine leafroll associated virus and its vectors
  6. Development of organic wine grape disease management strategies
  7. Fungicide efficacy evaluations.

Please see below for more detailed information on my research activities.