AHS AREC GP Weather Station Data

Newer weather stations (installed in 2019-20)

NEWA station located in front of the building – you can also use the link to the weather underground for data download and current condition.

Vineyard sensors – under Exports tab. Data is collected every 5 min (not the summary, but raw data every 5 min).

Older stations (not the best ones at this point)
These are download links to weather data files in AHS AREC. These are in “.dat” file which can be opened with Excel or notepad. The first set of sensors are at the outside of the canopy and the second sets are located inside of the canopy. Measurements are recorded every 15 min. The files should be updated every 4 hours. (Note: Precipitation is only working with the hoop house area one.)

At the top of the hill (Viticulture vineyard): (15 min) (60 min)

At the bottom of the hill (GP Chardonnay): (15 min) (60 min)

At the hoop house area (was Plant Pathology orchard until March 2021) (15 min) (60 min)

At Hoop House (Old tea planting): (15 min) (60 min)

Weather Underground PWS KVAWINCH48

Environmental Chambers: (15 min) (60 min)