Resources from a statistics workshop at APS Potomac Division 2015

At 2015 APS Potomac division meeting, Dr. Alissa Kriss at Syngenta and I held a statistics workshop to cover experimental design and introduction to R. Here are resources from the meeting (mainly covering my part, which is introduction to R)

  • Presentation slides (nita-r-intro) By Nita, M.
    • Package information used in the workhops
      • Agricolae package (agricolae-tutorial) tutorial by Mendiburu, F. (2014)
      • Fitting linear mixed-effects models using lme4 (lmer) by Bates D., et al.
      • Multicomp package manual (multcomp) by Hothorn T., et al. (2015)
      • nlme package manual (nlme) by Pinheiro, J. et al. (2015)
  • Other useful resources